Post #1 - SOS!!! "Slaying the Sunday Sleeper"

Okay - We all know how hard getting out of the sack Monday - Friday is but why does it seem that come Sunday morning :::boom:::: it grabs on tight and doesn't release it's clutching grip for NOTHING! I think they talk sometimes saying: 

"It's Sunday, remember? You don't HAVE to go to church. You wake up early every day. You work so hard. Relax - there's always next Sunday."

I am not sure what type of bed you have but maybe I need to trade mine in for one with less lip.

Then you somehow turn into this guy ....

and slay your back talking, misbehaved bed. Princess sheets and all. You know why? Because deep down you know you have got some serious business to take care of at this place.

Then you pull into the parking lot, just in the nick of time, run as fast as you possible can just to try to beat that Pastor down the aisle and you FINALLY realize that it is practically impossible because he more than likely starts Mass 5 minutes early. You know the saying.

So you settle into your seat in the far back and become complacent and pat yourself right on the back for all your efforts you've overcome thus far, right, because you just showed your bed who was boss. What more could God be asking of you? You've done your due diligence.

Congratulations - you are a "Back Row Joe."

I know for one, my friends, this is a VERY EASY state of mind to step into.

What are some steps we can take to ensure that we are staying away from complacency?

If you have a great Sunday ritual that helps you prepare for Mass, please comment below.

-What a great cup of Joe!



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