Welcome to Coffee and Donuts!

Greetings Parish family, or anyone else in the world who has landed on this blog site.

We are creating Coffee and Donuts to hopefully continue our Sunday basement tradition, not only for Sunday but through the week. As Catholics we are all about community, so hopefully this will be a means that we can keep in touch in a more casual and comfy way. 

The main goal for this blog will be:

1 - Help us grow as a community

2 - Get to know our parish family (That person you have gone to church with for years and years and you don't even know their name?)

3 - Share our stories. Who we are outside of the Pew. 

4 - Encourage involvement through example and welcoming gesture.

5 -  Smile & laugh

That's about it. We hope everyone will take some time out of their busy schedules to help our web presence grow and if there is anything that you would like to see on our social media, website or blog, send us comments. This is YOUR site, blog, Facebook - Saint Joseph Family! Let's make it amazing.