Tech it out too...

AHHHH!!! Confession!

That may be a little bit dramatic - okay, who are we kidding? it's the truth. You know that great feeling of sweaty palms, heart pounding in your neck, want to pass out feeling because you are scared you are going to tell the confessor something he hasn't heard before? 

I don't know about you but it seems like the minute you walk through the confessional door you've all of a sudden stepped in front of one of these things - 

making it hard to remember your name, yet alone your sins. 

Let me introduce you to a great little app that is Vatican approved for use inside the confessional - Confession - A Roman Catholic App.

I've had this on my phone for a while but was always afraid to use it. After some research come to find out the Vatican has okay'd this app for use during the confession. 

Some neat things about this little guy is that it is age appropriate, meaning that if you log in as a teenager, it will be geared toward you, or if you are married, there will be a list designated to you. This can help you examine your conscience with great depth according to your own personal situation. 

Been a long time since you've visited the sacrament? No sweat! This app has you covered! It will walk you through it step by step. No need to use the excuse, " I have no idea what to say."

As a courtesy to your confessor, you may still want to ask them if it is okay for you to use your electronic device as an aide to help you throughout the sacrament. It probably isn't okay to argue with 99 year old Msgr. that he is wrong because the Vatican says it's okay. Not a great idea. Also, make sure you are not logged into Facetime,a phone call or something crazy like that. it might get a little awkward for the person on the other end.

That being said - grab your list and experience the grace confession has to offer! 

Click on the button below to be directed to the Confession Apps

-What a great cup of Joe! 

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