Don't be such a BULLY!

It's safe to say that almost everyone has encountered a bully at some point in their lifetime. 

Regardless if the person IS the bully, they most likely have been bullied themselves. We all know that most bullies will eventually make bully babies and the precious circle of life will just go around and around. Point is, bully's don't discriminate, if they don't like you, they don't like you and there is nothing you can do about it other than to surrender your sandwich and Twinkie. 

I can remember a time in elementary school where a boy randomly came out of the blue and kicked me in the stomach, it winded me and I fell straight to the ground. When I opened my eyes and looked up I remember seeing this boy wearing a Micky Mouse t-shirt standing over me. He pointed his finger straight at me and said, "YOU"RE UGLY" laughed and walked away along with his rat pack of friends cheering him on. Trying to be "tough pants" I got up and shook the grass off my pants laughed and said, "yeah I am!!" With that I did an about-face and let the tears flow.  I can guarantee the little squirt didn't get too far until I heard him crying himself as my brother who had witnessed the entire thing from afar let him have it, saying,"Mess with my sister again!"

Okay, so that was a bit physical but what about other types of bullying? Stereo-typing and other unnecessary caddy water cooler gossip. I mean do we EVER GROW UP? 

I pray there will be a time when all this garbage will disappear and we can appreciate each other for who we are as BEAUTIFUL& LOVING individuals who love and are loved by their God, regardless of our gender, size, shape, color or intelligence. 

What if you could take back every mean or hurtful thing you said or did to someone? How would that change them or yourself? Granted, sometimes when evil deeds, words and thoughts are pressed forward, God shows his power and providence through cleansing negativity into positivity, for instance; maybe the girl or boy who was always teased or picked on may say, "Guess what Satan, you're not winning this one. I am going to be an advocate of my God and turn away from you. I will not let your wickedness shape me into someone I wasn't meant to be." Wanna kick him where it counts? Just spread the love by your thoughts, words and actions. 

No one is saying you have to go out and be a Missionary in Calcutta, just be able to recognize bullying in all its shapes and forms and know how to handle it when it creeps your way.

-What a great cup of Joe!

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Ashley GentryComment