Dear God:

If there is any liturgical season that will make your mirror do this magic trick... it's Lent.

Okay maybe not YOU... but for a majority of us in the world, Lent is when we really tear down our walls and see who we are as individuals and what we are presenting to God. God has some pretty powerful X-ray vision that no amount of plastic surgery, or makeup can hide. He sees the depths of our soul that may even be hidden to our own selves. 

Lent can make us ponder all of our shortcomings, this might include relationships with family, friends and most importantly God. 

Sure we might find it easy during this season to GIVE UP the sweets vs GIVING them back. What do I mean by this? Well, what good are we doing if we are starving ourselves from our treats but yet still filling the world with our negativity, gossip, hatred, resentment, hostility, jealousy, envy and pride?

it turns Lent into an addict's olympiad, so to speak. Who can make it and who can't? 

It's hard to imagine a God who really cares about us being Gummy Bear free when we still continue to be unforgiving of our brothers and sisters.

This brings me to the title of this blog, "Dear God."

Writing a love letter to anyone could be quite intimidating. We can't be certain how they would react. Would they think we are crazy? Would they welcome it? Would they correspond? What if you addressed it to the greatest love of your life?

Dear God:

What would pour out onto those pages? HE already knows everything about you, so you wouldn't have to hide behind any type of facade. You could be completely and entirely open to express your love without fear of laughter or rejection. 

This might be the greatest thing you could do all Lenten season! Forget the sugar! Better yet, don't just tell God how much you love Him, show Him how much you need Him and how grateful you are for His greatest sacrifice, Jesus Christ! 

Thanks for reading and God bless our Lenten season! 

Now that was a great cup of Joe!

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