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Holy Orders

Holy Orders is the sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time. This sacrament includes the priesthood, diaconate and the episcopacy, each holding immense spiritual significance. The sacrament of Holy Orders is a call to serve others through faith and is a testament to one’s faith and dedication to God. The Catholic Church recognizes and embraces the importance of this sacrament in building and strengthening our community. If you feel called to a life of service and dedication to Christ, or just have further questions about the Priesthood or Deaconate, Please submit an inquiry below, we'd love to speak with you!

"“You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.”
- Hebrews 7:17

Living a Life in Service to the Lord

Feeling Called? Please fill out an inquiry. We'd love to visit!

A Day In the Life

Many individuals when being called to the Priesthood are often discouraged that they will no longer be able to have fun, see family and friends, or just be downright board - click the link below to see what a typical day for a Catholic Priest actually looks like. Spoiler alert - they stay human... Take a look! 

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

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