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Welcome, New Friends!

We extend a warm welcome to all who desire a sense of community and "Peace to people of good will." We invite visitors from all denominations to experience our rich history, beautiful architecture and prayerful worship. Whether you are seeking solace, answers, or wish to admire our historical landmark, we are here to embrace you in our warm and welcoming atmosphere. Come join us in our mission to build a community filled with love, faith, and friendship.

                                                                                          Yours in Christ, 

Fr. Joshua Maria Santos


We're So Glad You're Here!


How Can We Help You?


Visit the Parish

Have you ever wanted to attend a Catholic Mass but maybe don't know where to start, or who to ask? Click below to contact us and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about visiting our Parish.

Visitors are always welcome. Please be sure to tell the Priest hello and that you're new. We'd love to meet you!


Meet New Friends

One of the wonderful things that makes St. Joe's unique is that we are composed of many different cultures, traditions, ages and vocations where everyone can find a place at the table. 

If you're looking to establish new friendships, we encourage you to review our ministries and find a place that best suits your talents and interests.


Becoming Catholic

Since there is so much to learn to fully commit oneself to Baptism, the Church has wonderful classes formed for this very purpose; we want to ensure that no one enters the waters of baptism out of pressure, or impulsiveness, but with a full understanding of the Sacrament and the promises it offers. 

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

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